Rizzoni’s authentic Italian Restaurant. We sought out recipes from families and chefs in Italy and in doing so found inspiration from two particular families who provided us with generations of secret recipes and culinary techniques.

Along the Southern Coast in Naples the Rizzo family gave us direction on several of the Classics like lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese, and many of the seafood items they serve their families today. Bold flavors, fresh herbs, and seafood right off the docks are all staples in the Rizzo home.

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Award Winning Menu

The exciting tastes of italian cuisine in a superb and generous chic environment that magnifies and elevates fine dining.

In the hills of Northern Italy the Pisoni Family revealed their love for the finest meats and poultry available. The ribeye cuts, veal, and tender filet mignon were the most exquisite we’d ever seen. The Pisoni family shared their mastery of cooking with whole cream, hand churned butter, sautéing with fine white wines, and reducing the big reds and ports until they created the smoothest, silkiest sauces we’d ever tasted. Many of our thanks and gratitude is owed to the Rizzo and Pisoni families.



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