Post Covid Restaurant Update for Guests

A Message To Our Guests

Firstly, we want to express our sincere concern for everyone who has been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

For more than 17 years The DACHIN Group of Companies (Rizzoni’s Restaurants, Jaxx International Grill & Texas de Brazil) have been dedicated to genuine hospitality and taking great care of our people so they can take great care of you.

The health and wellbeing of our staff members and guests is our utmost priority, and we are approaching the reopening of our restaurants’ dining rooms with that as our primary focus.

Preparations are already under way to begin opening a few of our dining rooms with the utmost care beginning (Monday 22nd June, 2020), with some others scheduled for the days to follow. We are looking forward to welcoming you back as our guest and wanted to share with you some of the necessary actions we are putting into action.

In addition to all safety procedures currently in place for our Online Ordering for Curbside and Delivery Service, we are implementing the following when our dining rooms reopen:

  • Reconfiguring seating in the dining room, patio/balcony and bar to meet social distancing guidelines and standards.
  • Asking Guests to choose the level of attention and contact in the service required and seated in the designated areas assigned as requested.
  • Making available additional outside seating where applicable to accommodate for more open space.
  • Accommodating guests via Reservations and virtual waitlists Only to avoid walk-in traffic
  • Ability for guests to View Menu, Order and Pay Online via their mobile device allowing for a more contactless dining experience.
  • Establishing Dining Turn-Times to allow guests greater efficiency to enjoy their experience with us within a specific timeframe while also allowing others the same experience based on our limited restaurant capacity.
  • Installation of acrylic barriers at our hostess stations and reservation desks
  • Having dedicated staff through every meal period solely responsible to sanitize all high contact areas
  • Continuing wellness checks of all staff members before each shift
  • Providing all staff and managers in our dining rooms and kitchens with personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves
  • Reinforcing staff handwashing routinely
  • Having hand sanitizers available in our waiting areas and restrooms for guests
  • Making reservations available online via our Rizzoni’s website (
  • Using text paging to alert guests when a table is ready to limit over-crowding in common areas.
  • Providing a QR code for guests to scan to access a digital menu on their mobile device should they prefer not to use one of our sanitized menus.
  • Removal of any cloth napkins which have now been replaced with wrapped and sealed cutlery
  • Providing takeout containers for guests who prefer to wrap their own leftovers

These are just some of the many changes we are making to protect your safety while at the same time providing the hospitality and delicious cuisine you have come to expect from us over the years.

In areas where our dining rooms have not yet reopened, we are here to help you continue to enjoy your Rizzoni’s favorites whether you call or order online to pick them up via our curbside service, or have them delivered to your doors. Due to the current situation, we are offering a slightly limited menu for now.

Also we NOW have many of our Signature dishes Available at select retailers and supermarkets nationwide as part of Rizzoni’s Heat & Eat Gourmet Classics.

Please click Order Now and choose your location to see our revised menu selections.


In addition to continuing to maintain our high level of cleanliness and sanitation practices in all of our restaurants, we are taking extra precautions to help ensure a safe experience when picking up take-out orders from our restaurants. This includes:

  • Ensuring that our teams have the information they need to remain healthy and instructing them to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • Ensuring proper social distancing is maintained; This includes increasing the distance between our guests and cashiers to minimize contact, and installation of protective barriers.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all cashier counter surfaces, pens
  • Positioning our credit card machines so that guests may swipe their own credit cards without staff assistance
  • Requiring all managers and staff members to wear gloves and face masks when interacting with our guests
  • Constant handwashing
  • Transitioning to wrapped utensils for those guests who request utensils
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all door handles throughout the day, and leaving front doors propped open (where allowed) to minimize contact, or the use of our automatic doors where applicable.

Helpful hints to minimize contact:

  • Order & Pay Online (saves you time and significantly minimizes contact)
  • Use our Curbside pickup service whether you’re ordering online or phoning in your order; you don’t even have to get out your car—it’s like our drive thru

ONLINE Delivery

We are taking extra precautions to help ensure that your delivery order gets to your door safely. This includes:

  • Sealing the outermost packaging to ensure that there is no contact with your food from the kitchen to your door
  • Transitioning to sealed & wrapped utensils for delivery orders for those guests who request utensils.
  • Ensuring that our Delivery Partners maintain social distancing when picking up orders from our restaurants

Our delivery provider Skip d Line has implemented the following:

  • Orders will have the option to select contactless delivery where selected to leave at the closest point of entry or gate.
  • Items placed inside the Delivery bags by our kitchen will not be handled by the delivery person but only opened for your safety to collect from yourself.
  • They are offering hand sanitizer and gloves to their delivery personnel and face masks are mandatory.
  • They are also in direct communication with health experts regarding best practices.

We care deeply about our people.  They are what makes our company so special.  With that as our guiding principle:

  • We are ensuring that our teams have the information they need to remain healthy and are instructing them to stay home if they’re not feeling well.

We have been following the guidance of the WHO and our local health departments and guidelines and will continue to do so throughout this evolving situation.

We encourage you to stay healthy and we look forward to serving you soon.


Ryan A. Chin